NORTON, Ohio – Investigators are continuing to follow multiple leads trying to find the gunman who is responsible for a fatal road rage shooting on Interstate 76 last Wednesday.

On May 17, George Jensen II was driving to his Akron home from work in Wadsworth when he was shot and killed.

A witness, who said he was about 100 yards behind Jensen, who was in a blue Mazda, saw Jenson and a black sports car switching lanes ahead of him and thought from what he saw they could cause a crash, so he backed off.

“I just knew they were going back and forth and I could see from the way they were driving and trying to get around one another, someone was pissed at someone and, you know, that’s what happened,” the witness told Fox 8 News.

That’s when the witness said he saw a black car accelerate and Jenson’s car drift to the right.

“The blue car started going over to the right and then it kept going and then it hit the guard rail. After that happened it darted back across the road again and rode the median for 100 yards. I just happened to be the next vehicle coming up on it,” said the witness, who was the first vehicle at the scene after it happened.

The witness told Fox 8 News he saw what appeared to be blood on the airbag curtain and stopped to help.

In a 911 call, the witness told dispatchers that there were multiple holes in Jensen’s car. Police reports show nine .40 caliber bullet casings recovered from the scene.

Six slugs were recovered, two of them on the roadway outside of the victim’s car, one on the driver’s seat. The report shows two bullets were recovered by the medical examiner, one from the victim’s left shoulder and another from the victim’s knee.

Police continue to look for the driver of the black car, which Ohio Department of Transportation video confirms is a 2018 or newer Chevrolet Camaro that was last seen continuing East toward Akron after the shooting.

“I was just surprised that someone would do that, to be honest with you,” the witness said. “It’s sad what happened, and you know but it has definitely opened my eyes up to, just let them go by.”