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COLUMBUS (WJW) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine is gearing up for a second term in Columbus after a commanding re-election victory this November.

FOX 8’s Joe Toohey visited the governor’s residence Tuesday to talk about a range of issues with DeWine.

That includes whether DeWine has built the resume to make him a real contender for the Republican nomination for president.

“I’m focused on Ohio, I’m focused on what we’re doing every single day and that’s a full-time job,” DeWine said. “I just got elected. I haven’t even been sworn in, so I think people want me to do this job.”

When asked if DeWine supports former President Donald Trump’s bid for re-election, he said, “We have a long way to go. I think this thing has to sort out. We’re still over a year or roughly a year away from the first primaries that will be occurring. We don’t even know who’s going to be in the race.”

Ohio’s current so-called “heartbeat bill” banning abortion as early as sic weeks is currently blocked pending the outcome of a court fight.

During the interview, DeWine outlined what he’d like to see the Ohio legislation do on abortion next term.

“I think that we have an obligation, that government has an obligation to protect the most vulnerable among us and that certainly includes the unborn,” DeWine said. “There’s a couple things that I want the legislature to remember. One is there are good people on both sides of this debate. They are neighbors, they are friends, they are sometimes family members who disagree on this issue, so lets try to go through this and be civil about how we engage in a very tough debate.”

“Number two, I hope we come up with something that saves a lot of lives. Three, it’s important though, that the legislature, when they craft this bill… keep in mind that Ohio is a state where people get to vote directly on an issue on the ballot. They can take an issue to the ballot, so whatever they pass has got to be something that will be sustained by the people,” DeWine went on to say.

The governor will be sworn in for his second term next month.