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MASSILLON, Ohio – Massillon photographer Kendrah Damis has produced hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous family, newborn and maternity portraits.

But one of her recent maternity photo shoots has the internet simply buzzing with awe.

Local beekeeper and honeybee rescuer Emily Mueller hired Kendrah Damis Photography to do a maternity shoot as she awaited the birth of her fourth child.  Since bees are such a big part of her family’s life, Emily came up with the idea of including a swarm of honeybees in her pictures.

Kendrah says  that Emily was very excited for the session and she knew it would be a special shoot, as she was pretty sure it hadn’t ever been done before. She knew that Emily was an experienced beekeeper, and that’s why she agreed with her about doing this honey of a photo shoot.

To get all the bees to join in the shoot, Emily simply put the queen bee in her hand and they followed her!

As one might imagine, the pictures from the session have gone viral. Kendrah’s Facebook post has been shared over 6-thousand times.

Kendrah’s reaction to it all? She says she is surprised by the love and positive responses the photos have gotten, as well as being a bit shocked by some of the negativity and rudeness that comes with the online reactions. But she does admit, “I love that so many people get to see my work and hopefully get a better understanding of the docile honey bee.”

And to answer the question that’s on all of our minds right now: Kendrah made it out of the shoot without one sting! (And admits to being uneasy, but not at all scared!)

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