The battle over chores: Who does the dirty work at your house?

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When it comes to divvying up those pesky household chores, who does the bulk of the work in your home?

The daily to-do list at home can lead to bitter fights over dirty dishes, laundry and mopping.

According to a new study from Indiana University, most people surveyed found chore roles align with what some call old-fashioned thinking on masculinity and femininity- even among couples where the woman is the main or sole breadwinner.

The Huffington Post reported, even the researchers were surprised by how much gender mattered ― and how little income did. “Most research on housework suggests that couples divide housework along different axes; for example, lower-earning partners do more housework than higher-earning partners,” said lead author Natasha Quadlin, a doctoral student at Indiana University. “Instead, our findings suggest that [gender] is by far the biggest determinant of Americans’ attitudes toward housework.”

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