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POLAND, Ohio — A cat from Poland, Ohio, is getting even Ashton Kutcher’s attention for the way he hangs out around the house.

Red sits like a human, and his owners say he started it all on his own.

Amy Audia Risi said she got Red from a friend who found him in a church parking lot; he was scared, malnourished and infested with fleas.

Just one year later, he is all cleaned up and has become a YouTube sensation.

Risi discovered Red’s talent back in April when she walked in on him in her bathroom.

“I was getting ready for work and looked out of the corner of my eye and saw him sitting on the closed toilet lid,” said Risi. “I about died! I snuck in a picture and ever since April, he has been sitting all over the place.”

Risi recently recorded video of just one of Red’s sitting sessions. Red is seen outside on a bench; Risi says “there he goes…c’mon Red. Do it!”

Red takes a seat, and she laughs.

“Oh you are not right,” she jokes.

The video is posted on the ViralHog YouTube page. It went up Aug. 12, 2015 and has more than 657,000 views.

Ashton Kutcher posted the video on his Facebook page Thursday, titling it “I hope you’re seated for this.” The video has gotten over 18,000 shares just on his page alone.

“We find it funny that he is so popular,” said Risi. “He’s our silly lovable cat who cuddles when he is sleepy, doesn’t meow and has made himself a huge part of our family.”