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CLEVELAND, Ohio — He’s furry, fierce, and he’s not shaving anytime soon! We’re talking about our own meteorologist, Scott Sabol, who continues to grab the national spotlight over his growing beard.

If you’re not familiar, Scott made a vow to keep his lumberjack-looking face until the Browns won their first game.  Well, he’s now nearing the 90-day mark without picking up a razor, and media outlets across the country are taking notice.

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Earlier this week, Sports Illustrated posted a story on its website about Scott’s commitment.  Now, ESPN, The Weather Channel, and Fox Sports  are hot on his hairy heels.

This isn’t the first time our favorite bearded, blizzard predictor let it grow.  One winter, he kept the facial scrub going until the temperature went above 60.  Then last year, he vowed to grow his beard as long as the Cavs kept winning.

Scott’s previous beard-building record was 74 days.

Anybody call for Grizzly Adams?

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