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BEECH MOUNTAIN, North Carolina – As Northeast Ohio photographer Seph Lawless describes it, “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Lawless, known for taking photos of abandoned areas across the U.S. has found another interesting amusement park in Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

“It sits hidden on top of a mountain, one of the highest mountain peaks in the eastern U.S., so being there was almost like entering another planet,” Lawless said. “It was surreal and completely beautiful.”

The ‘Land of Oz’ amusement park is no longer open on a regular basis, but personal tours, parties and private events can be scheduled there, according to their website.

It also says that there is a 44,000-brick yellow brick road throughout the entire park.

Lawless released his book ‘Bizarro’ earlier this year which is full of photos from abandoned theme parks nationwide.

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