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LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Do cats have a good memory?

A mother here in NE Ohio thinks so, and she has the video to prove it.

Erin Nimrichter captured video of her family’s cat, Yuuki, meowing and staring at a photo propped up on her desk. That might not sound all that unusual. But the photo is of Erin’s son, Max, who left seven months ago for the Navy.

“Very often I find Yuuki sitting here, staring at him meowing,” she wrote. “He picked her out from the APL, and they bonded quickly.”

Max, 19, is a graduate of Lakewood’s Westshore Tech program and Westlake High School. Nimrichter says he’s serving a six-year term in the Navy.

The family has had Yuuki for about a year. She is named after Max’s favorite musician, Yukki Matthews, from the band, “The Shins.”

Nimrichter said she recently moved, so the photo of Max has a new home in the new house. But Yuuki was sure to find it.

“She does it often,” she said. “I used to think it was a fluke…the reflection or light bouncing off…but now it’s just too often.”

There is good news for Yuuki! While it will only be for one day, Nimrichter is traveling to visit Max this Saturday — and Yuuki will be at her side!