RAVENNA, Ohio (WJW) — After battling a parasitic infection and getting the all clear, a local goat is ready for a family to call her own.

Viola is suffering some long-term, neurological symptoms after being cured of the parasite, called meningeal worm, according to Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary.

The Ravenna animal shelter said she’s still experiencing the itching that comes along with the infection.

That’s where the onesie comes in; It prevents her from scratching and allows the sores to heal.

(Courtesy of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary)

The 3-year-old goat gets along well with her fellow goat buddies, the animal shelter said. Her favorite things include bananas, hay and meeting new friends.

She’s up for adoption to a family that’s able to care for her medical needs, which includes daily medication. You can find out more about adoption at Happy Trails Farm here.

(Courtesy of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary)

In the meantime, the shelter could use help with purchasing more onesies for Viola, like the one seen here.