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CLEVELAND – Not a day goes by that Cleveland Homicide Detective Tim Entenok doesn’t think about the young boy, found wrapped in garbage bags, in the back yard of a vacant home on the city’s west side.

“I have been in homicide now about 17 years and this is the first case I had like this,” Entenok told Fox 8 Monday.

The 4 year-old was found by a landscaper doing work in the yard of a home on Longmead Avenue on September 20th. The man opened the bags, saw the skeleton, and called police.

The skeletal remains were taken to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s office. Officials then asked Dr. Linda Spurlock, a forensic facial reconstruction artist and an assistant professor of anthropology at Kent State University to draw a sketch of what the child may have looked like.

The sketch was sent out to local media outlets last month, but officials still have not been able to identify the boy. Police say they now wonder if the child lived somewhere else.

“The Longmead address is in close proximity to 71 and 480 so maybe someone was passing through looking for somewhere to dump the child, we don’t know, we are just open to everything,” Entenok said.

Officials are also still trying to determine how and when he died. They believe his body was in the area for months before being discovered.

Dr. Spurlock said she spent several days working on the sketch trying to include as many details as she could.

“This little boy did have a strong chin,” Dr. Spurlock said. “He had all 6 of his top front teeth so I drew him smiling because the teeth can be diagnostic, meaning something people may recognize. I think the tip of one his canines was a little chipped, and I showed that in the picture I drew. “

And she hopes the picture will help identify the young boy, with long dark wavy hair.

“I want to find out who he was,” Entenok said. “And why this happened.”

Anyone who may recognize the boy is asked to call Cleveland homicide detectives or Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County at 216-252-7463.

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