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CANTON, Ohio- A local house and woman who lived there are being investigated by the Catholic Church.

The process has begun to one day canonize Rhoda Wise as only the 4th American-born saint.

Her house in Canton could become a church-sanctioned shrine.

The West Virginia native, who settled in Ohio; got married; and raised an adopted daughter, experienced many hardships throughout her life.

During the Great Depression, she was sent home to die, but she claimed Jesus and St. Therese visited her and answered her prayers.

The deadly abdominal infection, gaping wound and severely malformed foot were all healed.

Many miraculous events have been reported at the house ever since from weeping statues to incredible cures.

Rhoda herself had the Stigmata, what many Christians believe is the spontaneous bleeding on the body corresponding with the crucifixion wounds of Jesus.

For more than 2 years she bled profusely from her head, hands and feet, but she never complained about the suffering. She accepted it gladly so that others might be healed.

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