CLEVELAND (WJW)– An indoor golf simulator opened on the West Bank of the Flats in Cleveland last Saturday.

The aptly-named West Bank Golf Club, located at the corner of Center Street and Washington Avenue, features three golf bays, two pool tables and a bar.

Owners Jim Basar, Jayson Graham and Gabe Adams had been talking about the concept for a few years and about a year ago, they started looking at properties. Construction began about three months ago.

“We lived downtown for a long time and there was nothing golf-related without having to go out to the suburbs,” Basar said.

“We wanted to make an environment that people would come, sit, have a drink, even if they didn’t have a tee time,” Graham said.

While the club hasn’t had its grand opening, it was bustling on Friday afternoon with the steady swing of clubs and the slight smell of cedar. Even though its focused on golf, there are several large TVs, perfect to watch Ohio State games in the fall.

The owners are still working on the finishing touches, including a conference room and a lounge area. They’re also going to install a railing along the massive garage door in front of the building so they can open it up on nice days.

The bar serves up beer and simple cocktails. While they don’t offer food, they don’t mind if you bring your own and they have a deal with nearby Mulberry’s to get pizza delivered.

Reservations, hours and rates are available on the West Bank Golf Club website.