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Indecent exposure: Couple arrested for sex on Cedar Point Ferris wheel

SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) – A couple was arrested and charged with public indecency after police say they engaged in sexual intercourse on the Giant Wheel ride at Cedar Point.

According to Sandusky police reports, witnesses told police they saw the two 32-year-olds engaging in a sexual act around 7:15 p.m. Sunday on the ride.

“We go on, and it was going well until we stopped at the top,” one witness told police. “My friend saw the couple in front of us having sexual intercourse and pointed it out to the rest of us.”

The four witnesses, two adult females and two juvenile females said they tried to alert staff while the ride was still going but workers were unable to hear them. When the ride stopped, the witnesses reported the incident to security officers and police.

“I was able to have a perfect view of their cart,” another witness told officers. “They were going back and forth and laughing at us being visibly upset.”

Another witness, a juvenile, told officers she was very shaken up about what she witnessed. Cedar Point police contacted the parents of the two juveniles and informed them of what took place.

“Due to two witnesses being juveniles the charge was enhanced to a misdemeanor of the first degree, the report stated.

The couple first denied the allegations. The female told officers she had shorts on under her dress and dropped her cigarette pack out of them.  She said she bent over to pick them up and her friend helped her.

“I then spoke to the couple again and advised them that the girls clearly saw what they were doing,” Sandusky Officer Nicole Kennedy Bogard wrote in her report. “Eventually the couple did admit that they were engaged in sexual intercourse.

The two were released on personal bonds and are due back in court to face the charges.