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CANFIELD, Ohio — A cat who turned up as a stray in Canfield is being reunited with her family — eight years after she went missing in Florida.

According to a Facebook post from Canfield-based Angels for Animals, the cat turned up as a stray about six days ago.

“Upon intake, she chirped and meowed, happy to be safe and warm,” the post states. “We checked her over and discovered she was microchipped.”

They were able go get in touch with her owners Wednesday. It turns out the cat’s name is Barley and that she’s been missing for eight years.

“On top of that, she was from Florida,” the post states. “Barley was found by her family 10 years ago as a 6 week old kitten, in a dumpster in Tampa. A shy kitten, that they fell in love with! She had a big brother in another cat named Spike and George, a basset hound. Barley loved to sleep on her mom and cuddled with her every chance she could! Two years later, the family moved into another home. During the move, both Barley and Spike got outside, never to be seen again. The family searched and searched for weeks, hoping to find their beloved pets. Here we are, 8 years later!”

It’s not clear how she got almost 1,100 miles from home. Her owners have no family in Ohio.

Now, Angels for Animals is trying to help Barley’s family get her home to them.

The post says:

“We want to find a way to help this family get their cat back to them in Florida. They are trying to see if they can fly her to them, with maybe some assistance getting her to the Pittsburgh airport on our end, as they have no family in this state. Barley is a sweetheart and the family is anxious to get her home, so if you can help us make this happen, what a wonderful reunion it will be! Please contact our Cat Manager at 330-402-3641”

The facility says it is close to finding Barley her ride home.

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