CLEVELAND (WJW) – An elderly couple in Cleveland were all smiles on Monday as they posed for their very own photoshoot.

Courtesy: Courtney Pettay

The couple that is in their 90’s has been married for 17 years, and it’s the energy of young love that helped capture the attention of Professional Photographer Courtney Pettay, the owner of Courtney Marie Photograohy Inc.

“The happiness glowing from them,” described Pettay, after spotting the couple back in August on the carousel at the Cuyahoga County Fair.

Pettay said the couple appeared to be at the fair alone. Simply having “a blast.”

Pettay snapped a quick photo from a distance and then later turned to social media and FOX 8 in hopes of learning more about the happy couple.

“I couldn’t get them off my mind,” said Pettay.

Within an hour, FOX 8 viewers helped identify Tom and Rose, and on Monday the couple posed for their very own photoshoot inside their Cleveland home.

“They were just all in their glory, talking about how many people reached out to them because they saw them on the news. Said they felt famous!” explained Pettay.

Pettay shared with us a few of her favorite pictures from the photoshoot.

“These two truly are a joy to be around,” said Pettay.

Pettay learned the couple went to the fair with their friends but ventured off on their own.

Pettay is now planning more photoshoots with the couple and their friends.