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(WJW) — A husband recently took to Reddit looking for advice after he said he refused to donate to his wife’s friend’s “dream wedding” fund.

The man, who goes under the username NatesAsteroid, said he told his wife no when she confided her “friend would like some donations and [wondered] if I was OK with her donating about $3,000 in USD.”

The wife, who is apparently a bridesmaid in the wedding, didn’t take issue with her husband’s refusal, but friends of his have said he was being harsh, especially as it “wouldn’t affect my financial standing.”

The husband pointed out he has never gotten along with this bride-to-be and that while dating his now wife, this woman had told her “she could do better.” The three people are all in their mid 30s, NatesAsteroid said.

“I’m now wondering if I was actually in the wrong?” he asked.

With nearly 1,000 people commenting since the initial post on Saturday, one of the top comments said: “It honestly doesn’t matter whether you like the friend or not. You don’t have to ‘donate’ money to anyone for any reason, especially not for discretionary spending like a wedding.”

FOX News also spoke to clinical psychologist Dr. Jayme Albin about the situation. She advised the wife and husband reassess their relationship with this bride and made clear that “Asking your friends and their spouses to ‘donate’ to your dream wedding is definitely crossing a social boundary.”