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WOOSTER, Ohio (WJW) — The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is telling residents to be aware of an individual who is pretending to be a law enforcement officer while making traffic stops.

The office is aware of three incidents in the last three days where drivers were pulled over by what appeared to be an unmarked law enforcement vehicle, with flashing lights coming from the inside.

“The person is pulling people over, asking them some questions … and essentially trying to lure women. Two of these vehicles have contained women, asking them to step out of the car,” Capt. Doug Hunter from Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook video.

Another vehicle that was pulled over was driven by a man, and the sheriff’s office said this deterred the “impostor” from going forth with the traffic stop.

The individual is reportedly wearing a vest with a body camera during the traffic stops and their vehicle is described as dark.

Hunter made clear it is highly unlikely any real traffic stop would be made with an unmarked vehicle.

Those with information, or who may may have been pulled over in this manner, are asked to call the sheriff’s office at 330-287-5750.