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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland police officers are searching neighborhoods on the city’s east side for any evidence or information on the whereabouts of 30-year-old Lachelle Jordan, who vanished over the weekend.

Investigators say Jordan is considered an endangered person because of her key role in a rape case. On Monday, she was scheduled to appear at the defendant’s final pre-trial hearing.

After learning that Jordan disappeared, police arrested the suspect in the rape case, 65-year-old Michael Stennett. So far, Stennett is facing charges for violating a protection order and menacing by stalking.

Court records obtained by FOX 8 reveal that Jordan told authorities that Stennett, who was identified as a Cleveland Recreation Department employee when the rape allegations came to light, had been following her while she was working and that she spotted him several times outside her home.

The court documents indicate that the most recent sighting of Stennett outside the Jordan home was on Thursday.

Juanita Hamilton, who is Jordan’s next door neighbor on Fairport Avenue, told FOX 8, “I don’t want to place blame, but it’s not a coincidence. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she just up and disappeared. I really don’t.”

Relatives of Jordan reported that a gunshot was fired through a window in her home over the weekend and investigators believe it may have been part of an ongoing campaign to intimidate her as a witness in the Stennett rape case. 

The search area is centered around Fairport and E. 116th St., where Jordan was last seen by relatives on Saturday at 6 p.m.

“When we saw all of the police, we thought at first it was a child that was missing, then come to find out it was her, so it’s sending a shock wave through the whole street right now. It’s scary. I’m scared, I’m very scared,” said Hamilton.

Jordan was last seen wearing a blue and white East Cleveland Fire Department hooded sweatshirt with ECFD on the back and the fire logo on the front.

Investigators say she was also wearing green and white camo style and rainbow color crocs.

When asked about the role that Stennett may have played in Jordan’s disappearance, her neighbor, Autumn Fletcher, told us, “you don’t just vanish, you don’t. It’s crazy, it’s absolutely crazy. It doesn’t add up, it just doesn’t add up.”