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MENTOR, Ohio (WJW) — Collective shouts of joy erupted at Hooley House Bar and Grille after the Browns beat the Steelers and secured their ticket to the playoffs after a 17 season drought.

“I’m on Cloud 9,” said Ryan Carpenter.

“This is history in Cleveland,” said Burnt River Browns Backers fan chapter President Bob Hostutler.

He was joined by fan Pit Dawg. “It feels good to say 11-5 right now, in the playoff baby.”

The last time the Browns made the playoffs was in 2002 and Hostutler say it’s been hard to watch every year since. “2002 there was little hope, but we’ve come full circle.”

Securing their spot with a 24-22 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, fans are giving a lot of the credit to the coaching staff. 

“Stefanski is amazing, we got a good squad and I’m looking forward to next week,” said Carpenter.

The players also delivered on some high moments. 

“Baker Mayfield running the football, Nick Chubb scoring the touchdown in the first quarter, great game overall boys,” said Frank Fulir.

But with COVID-19 impacting both teams’ roster last-minute, fans are hoping the Browns will be close to 100-percent next weekend. 

“The defense is holding their own except we need Denzel Ward back big time,” said Carpenter.

“They’re gonna have to be better because this was a Steelers team that wasn’t at full force and we’re gonna have to meet them again to advance,” said Hostutler.

The Browns haven’t won a playoff game since 1994 but fans are confident they will have more to celebrate. 

“We work on our defense for playoffs, I think we’ve got it,” said Pit Dawg.

Dee Lewis says it’s all about the comradery.

“They gotta love each other, play for each other, and they’ll do it for Cleveland.”

For now, nothing can take away from this moment. 

“We’re all at an age where we’ve experience great Cleveland sports success other than football so, it’s really fun,” said Carpenter, who was a sophomore in high school in 2002.

Browns fans riding a wave of excitement with new hope for the future. 

“Since now going in the playoffs, I think we’re gonna be Super Bowl caliber for next season for sure,” said Pit Dawg.

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