HUDSON, Ohio (WJW) — Clark Rumiser has become a fixture at the intersection of North Hayden and Victoria Parkway.

As a Hudson crossing guard he has helped children get to and from school at that intersection for the past 27 years. But his work as a crossing guard goes back five decades.

“People ask me, ‘When are you going to retire,’ I say ‘I’m retired, I’m just having fun and getting paid for it,'” said Rumiser preparing to be at his post even on a bitter cold morning Monday when the actual temperature was around 11-degrees.

A proud Korean War veteran of the United States Army he says his military training prepared him to function even in the bitter cold.

“I never notice, maybe because I’m bundled up so much. Long johns, all that good stuff and you talk to different people and you forget about the weather,” he told Fox 8 News.

Rumiser started as a crossing guard in 1967 working at various intersections in Hudson.

Some of the school kids he first helped to cross streets now have kids of their own.

His hand held stop sign has the names of some of the kids he has known etched into it.

And over the years he has made more than a few good friends.

“I have fun with the kids and with my grandkids and great grandkids. I still have fun but with the kids here on the corner they have had birthday parties for me when I turned 90. They had cake, ice cream and all that stuff on the corner for me,” he said.

“We love Clark,” said Martha Makar, a Hudson mother. “He keeps the kids so safe crossing the street. He’s always greeting us with a big smile and he even put down salt last week. It was very slippery here,” she told Fox 8.

“I think that’s what’s keeping him going, right, like he loves this,” said Stephanie Terhar. “Every year he says I’m not doing it. He gets mad at somebody speeding by and says I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not doing this next year and here he is next year on the corner,” added Terhar.

“We just get along good and I joke with them and try to keep them happy. They have to go to school and I don’t,” said Rumiser.

Over the past 52 years, Rumiser says he has had numerous close calls from drivers not wanting to stop.  

That includes one just last year where he says he had to lean back to avoid getting hit but the car’s side mirror still glanced across his chest.

Having lost his wife about 8 years ago, he says the job gets him up out of bed in the morning and keeps him going.

His advice to all seniors is to stay active and do as much as you can rather than just sit at home and do nothing.

“It seems like every day is a special moment anymore,” he told Fox 8. “I’ve got 8 more years to go. I’m going to be 100 and then I’m done.”