OHIO (WJW) – The Ohio Division of Wildlife and Ohio Department of Natural Resources is still asking that if you spot wild turkey, you report it. 

According to the ODW Facebook page, “Observers of wild turkeys are asked to report the number of gobblers, hens, and young turkeys (poults) seen. Information collected includes the number of adults and young viewed. Record the date and county where the observation occurred and include as many details as possible with your report. Biologists have tracked summer observations of wild turkeys since 1962.”

Wildlife officials use public reports of the birds to help estimate population sizes, predict population changes, and guide management decisions, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The surveys take place each year in July and August when female birds and their young are most active. 

New research this year on wild turkeys includes the use of GPS monitors that tracks the movement, survival, and nesting activities of 49 hens in eastern Ohio. The project is a partnership between the Division of Wildlife and the Ohio State University. It’s also part of a multi-state collaboration that involves Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, according to the ODNR.

If you spot one of these birds, here is what you should note:

  • Wild turkey:  Report the number of gobblers, hens, and young turkeys (poults.) 
  • The county where the bird(s) were seen, and include as many other details as possible.

Observations can be reported, here, or on the HuntFish OH mobile app.