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NORTON, Ohio — Scary moments for a family in Norton, when their precious pet fell through the ice and became trapped in the water.

Jillian Olsen had just let the 7-month-old female Great Pyrenees puppy named Frankie out to release some energy when she fell through the ice into the pond.

“Oh I definitely think I lost my marbles, I was panicking…I just knew she was so cold,” said Olsen.

Olsen tried, but was unable to reach Frankie using a kayak because of the ice.

That’s when the Norton Fire Department received the call for help shortly after 11:30 a.m. Thursday from a homeowner on Rush Road.

Firefighter Dwayne Marty donned a “surface ice rescue suit” on the way, and jumped right into the pond as soon as they arrived.

“I could see the dog and it was kind of sitting there, it was real tired, I could tell the fight was out of the dog,” said Marty.

Norton Fire Chief Mike Schultz said, the department frequently trains for ice rescues, and within minutes they were able to save Frankie.

“It was pretty exciting, all the guys were cheering,” said Schultz.

They even bundled Frankie in blankets and carried her to an rescue vehicle to be dried off.

“Ten minutes after being in there she was running around like a puppy again,” said Jillian, the dogs owner, “I’m just really thankful.”

Firefighters said, they may have saved Frankie’s life, but she definitely melted their hearts.

They hope this close call will be a reminder to everyone to be extra careful walking onto ice and try to keep your pets off it too.

And they remind residents to never try to rescue a pet yourself, because often times the owner ends up needing rescued too.

“Don’t put yourself in harms way, that’s why we’re here to help out,” said Marty.