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CLEVELAND (WJW) – This past weekend, Cleveland police joined the community to celebrate the return to school in the area.

It’s the kind of assignment Cleveland police officer, Sgt. Ray O’Connor looks forward to most. 

“As officer Barnes and I pulled up, we commented on how the weather is perfect. We were actually going to have a good time there,” shared Sgt. O’Connor. 

However, Sgt. O’Connor’s day changed dramatically when he felt a most unfriendly sting supplied by a nearby beehive. 

“One stung my left wrist and another one stung my right wrist,” explained Sgt. O’Connor. 

Sgt. O’Connor is deathly allergic to bees and to make matters worse, he had forgotten his EpiPen that day. 

Before long, Sgt O’Connor’s partner, Officer Brooklyn Barnes, said he was passed out on the ground and the situation became life-threatening.

“To see him unconscious and knowing his life is literally in your hands…it’s terrible. I wouldn’t wish it on any policeman or anyone for a matter of fact,” shared Officer Barnes. 

In desperate need of an EpiPen, Officer Barnes started asking the sea of people surrounding them concerned.  

That’s when Tomika Johnson acted…

“Before I knew it, I just ran home, came back and gave it. I don’t even know who I had the EpiPen to that was attending to the officer,” said Johnson. 

The pen was administered just before time ran out.  

 “I kept yelling “Hit ’em in the hip, hit ‘em in the hip,” because I could not let this man go out like that,” explained Johnson. 

Johnson says she doesn’t like being called a hero for what she did.

“It just kicked in. Like the motherly instinct just kicked in. I can’t help it, I’m human,” Johnson said.  

However, Sgt. O’Connor says Tomika is a hero and is grateful to his fellow Clevelander, who protected his life this time around.

“Without her being there, I wouldn’t be standing here today. It happened for a reason. Obviously, we are fast friends now,” added Sgt. O’Connor.