‘I was so scared’: Pregnant woman stabbed 11 times by alleged gang members recalls vicious attack

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. — A pregnant woman senselessly attacked by alleged gang members is opening up about that horrific day in March.

“The paramedics started counting one, two, three up to 11 and I said ‘what are you counting?”’ Tanya Nguyen told FOX 11. “And they said you have 11 stab wounds, ma’am. I didn’t even know it.”

Nguyen had just arrived home when three men surrounded her car.

“I remember thinking they were probably visiting someone on my block. They looked so young,” she recalled.

She said they first asked for her cellphone and then one man began stabbing her. Then they dragged her out of the car and continued to stab and punch her. She said she tried to use her arm to protect her unborn baby, even screaming “I’m pregnant!”

“I was just so scared at that moment. I was still in my first trimester and that’s so fragile, it’s such a fragile time,” said Nguyen.

The men took off in her car and later crashed it.

As for Nguyen, she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. One of the stab wounds knocked out her teeth, another piece of the blade was left lodged in her chest and her lungs were punctured.

The first grade teacher also lost the use of her left hand that she used to protect her baby.

“I fall apart and I just start crying. I was the caretaker, I was the one who was independent and taking care of other people and children and now I’m just helpless,” she said.

FOX 11 said five alleged gang members have been arrested for the crime. The three men and two other women who were with them.

Despite all she’s been through, Nguyen is just thankful her baby is okay.

“I’m willing to put this behind me and just move on,” she said. “All I ask for is peace in the future. I just want that reassurance that I have happy and peaceful days ahead.”

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