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(WJW) — Art is worth whatever people are willing to pay.

But when the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan sold two versions of a piece featuring a banana duct-taped to a wall in 2019 for a reported $120,000, even those not affiliated with the fine-art world paid attention.

Called “Comedian,” the provocative artist was said to be inspired by everything from slapstick humor to global trade, but caused many an online commenter to wonder if it was all an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation.

Things took a new turn last week when a college student in Seoul, Korea, saw the banana art — now on display at Leeum Museum of Art — and remembered he hadn’t had breakfast yet. The student downed the piece of fruit in less than a minute before re-taping the peel on the wall.

To keep the banana artwork fresh, it’s switched out with a new piece of yellow fruit whenever necessary. So following the snack attack incident, all the museum did was replace the eaten artwork.

When asked why he ate the banana, the student answered “because I was hungry,” KBS News reported. 

He is reportedly not being charged for the incident.

Cattelan is no stranger to his artwork making headlines. He also crafted a piece called “America” that was an 18-karat gold toilet (fully functional, of course). It has since been stolen.