MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a woman indicted and arrested in Medina County for stealing someone else’s identity to steal a small plane.

Investigators say she crashed during takeoff and an insurance investigation led to a criminal case put together by the Medina County Sheriff’s Department.

Medina County Prosecutor Forrest Thompson says a grand jury indicted Karina Gaynutdinova. She now faces charges for identity fraud, insurance fraud and unauthorized use of a vehicle.

The case began last August at Skypark Airport in Wadsworth.

Sheriff’s deputies say Gaynutdinova rented a Cessna 150, but she crashed during takeoff and did $30,000 damage.

Later, an insurance company found her insurance had expired.

Investigators say they determined Gaynutdinova had used someone else’s ID and insurance in order to be able to rent the plane.

A grand jury indicted her in May, and authorities arrested her last week.

“It’s very unique in many fashions because it is not something you see routinely with an aircraft. It’s just a unique one-off situation,” the Medina County Prosecutor told the I-Team.

The prosecutor added that the suspect had rented planes at Skypark before and works for an airline as a flight attendant.

The FAA also investigated, but the FAA released a statement saying only, “The FAA conducted its standard accident investigation, which looks at factors including pilot qualifications and performance, aircraft maintenance, weather etc. Please contact prosecuting agencies about the criminal prosecution.”

This case is just now beginning to move through court.