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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found that the Cleveland mayoral candidates are talking tough and promising to crack down on illegal dirt bikes and ATV’s taking over the streets.

The I-Team obtained security video showing dozens and dozens of dirt bike and ATV riders swarming main roads on the west side on Sunday.

We saw drivers going on sidewalks, going in the wrong lanes of traffic, doing wheelies, showboating and more.

So, we went to the people who want to be the next mayor and we asked what they will do about the problem.

“First and foremost, we have to enforce the laws that are on the books. That’s critical,” candidate Justin Bibb said.

“What I’m going to do is, first, we need a strategy to stop them. And, arrests can start on day one,” candidate Kevin Kelley said,

Time and again, we’ve shown you citizens complaining that Cleveland Police often do nothing about packs of dirt bikes. Police have a special unit to stop dirt bikes, but the I Team has reported that the unit rarely goes out.

Patrol officers have orders telling them not to chase the bikes. Video we’ve obtained recently even shows officers not going after riders firing or handling guns.

We asked the candidates to outline their orders for police.

“Right now, I think there’s a lot of inconsistency in terms of what our officers can do and what they can’t do. And, we need a mayor who can really reset that conversation to give officers what they need to really fight this behavior in our city,” Bibb said.

“The whole pursuit policy is something I’m going to look at,” Kelley said.

He added that the pursuit policy needs to be “thinned down.” Kelley suggested police should be doing more to monitor social media and plans for street takeovers.

“To me, it is critical we stop them before it happens. Before it gets on the streets, we start breaking it up,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bibb has other ideas.

“We should be exploring drone technology to track,” Bibb said. “We could beef up our bike unit.”

In a matter of months, change will come to city hall as a new mayor will take office, and it looks like we’ll also see change in dealing with dirt bikes.

Of course, the I-Team will follow up when the new mayor moves in to make sure he keeps those promises.