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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing the US Postal Service delivering mail in the dark.

That led us to investigate new delays with your mail.

In recent weeks, more and more people have contacted FOX 8 saying they haven’t been getting mail at all. Sometimes, there’s been no delivery for days.

A home security camera captured the evening deliveries at the home of Rob Slattery.

He told us, “I was stunned. My Ring video went off and our mail carrier was walking toward our front porch with a head lamp.”

Rob and his wife turned to the I-Team after that saying, lately, they’ve had many days pass without any mail.

He added, “There’ve been days we haven’t gotten any mail at all. Maybe, one or two days in a row, then three days later, we get a mountain of mail.”

We’ve been hearing the same complaints from many of you.

Candy in Maple Heights told us, “But, over this past week, it’s been the whole week, no mail. Not for a whole week. I can’t see that at all. No one coming out.”

A year ago, the Postal Service blamed mail delays on COVID-19. So, we checked back with the Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union to see what’s going on now.

Meanwhile, the I-Team has learned postal workers on the west side are helping to package and process COVID-19 test kits sent out by the government. So, we wondered if what’s going on there could also be leading to delays getting mail to your home.

The union tells us that Cleveland is one of dozens of cities where postal workers are processing those test kits.

A spokesman wrote in an email, “USPS processes billions of items every year. The test kits are a drop in the bucket.”

Instead , the union blames COVID for the latest delays, saying, this month, the Postal Service hit a record high for the number of workers off the job after getting sick from COVID or exposed to it.

The Postal Service also said the processing of the test kits would not be a factor in any delays.

A Postal Service spokesperson sent an email, also pointing out, “Weather can be a challenge.” 

So, maybe there’s no single reason why you might see a mail carrier at night, or not at all. Nonetheless, folks like Slattery don’t think delays should be as extreme as they’ve been.

He said, “There has to be a better way.”

Still, there may be some hope for improvement. The union spokesperson pointed out that the record number of postal workers with COVID came weeks ago, and since then, there has been a significant improvement.

That should mean the recent delays won’t continue for very long.