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CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows the chaos after a Cleveland police officer got shot and wounded, but we found a woman arrested at the scene did not get charged with the shooting.

No one did.

So, the I-Team investigated how this turned into an unsolved mystery.

The shooting happened near the east side back in November of 2020.

Police got a call for a burglar alarm at a home. The video shows one officer knocking on the front door while another checked the back.

Then, the officer in the back of the house heard a gunshot at the front.

He yelled out, “Dude, are you all right? What happened? Where’d that come from? The house? Where you hit? Hit in the arm?”

That night, police arrested a suspect, but when we took a look back at the case, we uncovered the mystery.

The I-Team checked with the courts to see what charges were filed against Nataliya Rambharan. All we saw was one charge for obstructing justice.

That case is still pending, and the I-Team saw nothing for the shooting.

We learned that investigators have never been able to determine who fired the shot at the officer.

In fact, the bullet even did heavy damage to the officer’s body camera which may have recorded key clues.

The video shows an officer asking the suspect arrested, “How many people are inside the house?”

She answered, “Nobody.”

Police also asked, “Did your alarm go off?”

The woman answered, “Yes, it did, but I canceled it.”

Defense Attorney Michael Goldberg told the I-Team, “She was a guest in that house. She was in the basement. She didn’t hear anything. She didn’t see anything. She doesn’t know who was upstairs.”

The video also shows one officer saying, “I want to go up there and see if there’s a bullet hole in the door.”

An officer rushed the wounded officer to the hospital in a patrol car without waiting for an ambulance,

As they were racing to the ER, the wounded officer asked, “How… did I get shot?”

Now, nearly two years later, investigators are still asking the same questions, but there’s telling if they’ll ever get the answers they want.

The next court hearing won’t happen until October.