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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM now has exposed the Cleveland Postmaster doing all she can to avoid giving any explanation for massive delays and other problems with your mail.

And, our questions are getting attention in Washington, DC.

We keep hearing complaints from many of you about the mail, even now, more than a month after the holidays.

Yet, for weeks, Cleveland Postmaster Rose Spraggins has dodged the I-TEAM.

Days ago, we watched a car pull into a parking spot reserved for the postmaster at local postal headquarters. But, that car took off as soon as the driver saw the I-TEAM approaching.

Before that, we’d already been trying to talk to the postmaster. We asked seven times for an interview, but a spokesperson said, ‘no.’ A regional office also told us there would be no interview.

Back in December, we knocked on the door at headquarters. But, when we did that, the Postal Police told us we couldn’t be there on public property.

So, finally, we went to U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown. We asked him how can the local postmaster not be accountable to the public?

“Local postal officials, I don’t blame for this problem. I mean, the problem’s in Washington. But local postal officials owe to channel 8, and the media, and to the public, answers,” Brown said.

Brown said everyone deserves to hear from the local postmaster. Your tax money has helped support the Postal Service and it’s an agency under the federal government.

The Postal Service has only sent out vague statements blaming problems on COVID-19 and an increase in the amount of mail moving through the system.

Now, the Senator is getting involved.

“We will follow up with the Postal Service to make sure they are more open to local reporters and to local citizens in answering questions,” he told the I-TEAM.

Over the holidays, we showed you mountains of mail not moving. Since then, we’ve seen trailers of mail still sitting. We’ve even found scribbles for delivery records on certified mail.

There’s a good chance you have a story similiar to that of Keith Campbell. He’s grown tired of waiting because of endless delays with the mail. He says, he tracked a package sent on a path across the country that made no sense.

Campbell said, “Makes me feel like I didn’t matter.”

“When you see them every day asking for more money for stamps, asking for money, really? But, you can’t get a package from A to B on time?” he added.

Many of you have told us you also think the local postmaster owes everyone an explanation.

The I-TEAM will keep trying to get one. And, we’ll let you know if the Senator is able to help get something out of the Cleveland Postmaster.