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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Weeks after the holidays, many of you are still wondering if the U.S. Postal Service will ever catch up on delays delivering the mail, so the I-Team investigated.

Nothing coming in the mailbox. Many people getting no help online from the postal service. No answer on the phone.

The I-Team is now pressing to find out how long you’ll have to wait for the U.S.P.S. to clear up massive mail backlogs.

We spoke with the local postal workers union leader. Daleo Freeman told us he couldn’t predict when the postal service will completely catch up on delays with your checks, prescriptions and packages.

But, he told us, the postal service hired more people than usual for help over the holidays. In Cleveland, many of those workers have been kept on the payroll.

“The ones that I represent, they’re keeping on 60 to 80 for the rest of the year,” Freeman said. “We still have a lot of work to do. We’ve been meeting with management almost daily to get their plan on how they’re going to continue to process the mail, and get it out as soon as possible.”

The I-Team has been trying for weeks to talk to the local postmaster. For this story, we got the same response we’ve received before: no interview.

We also asked about customers getting no response when they file complaints about delays with their mail and the postal service didn’t respond to that either.

A spokesperson did use a general statement blaming the backlog on a record number of packages over the holidays and COVID-19 taking workers off the job. The statement also pointed out sorting equipment can handle thousands of packages an hour.

But, since last summer, we’ve reported on hard questions about equipment taken out of service. Even days ago, we saw trailers full of mail still sitting outside a facility in Akron.

“I think it is totally unacceptable. I find it very frustrating. It also seems as if they don’t care which is another concern of mine,” said Warrensville Heights resident Pat Nelson.

Nelson has a simple message for the postal service: Get it together!

But, weeks after the holidays, no telling how much longer she’ll have to wait.