CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered the story every driver should see before you get hit in the wallet.

We’ve found the top reasons why you will end up with a parking ticket.

Last year, drivers in Cleveland ended up with more than 100,000 parking tickets.

The number one reason may be no surprise — meter expired.

The top reasons after that are tied to those signs you see: no parking anytime, no parking posted hours, no stopping 7-9:30 and no stopping 4-6:30.

The city issued more than 109,000 parking tickets last year.

They are written by a combination of Cleveland police officers and workers with the Division of Parking Facilities.

Other top reasons for tickets in Cleveland are parking in a bus stop, in a truck zone, near a fire hydrant and in a handicap spot.

“I have eleven tickets in four years. It’s not every week, but 11 tickets in four years is a lot,” Andrew Bowden said.

Bowden says he works as a food delivery driver. He says he keeps getting tickets when he’s picking up or delivering food.

“They’re walking, they come out of nowhere,” he said. “You come out, you got a ticket. You come out and argue with them. Got a sign in my window. I say, ‘I got a sign in my window.’ Still get a ticket.”

“Parking enforcement’s really important because we need to make sure the roads stay clear for emergency vehicles,” Cleveland Police Sergeant Jennifer Ciaccia said.

Sgt. Ciaccia added that a big part of writing parking tickets involves improving safety.

“For example, in the Warehouse District, the roads can be kind of narrow. If we need to get a police car, a fire truck, an ambulance through there, we need to make sure those roads are clear,” she said.

We also took a look at how many drivers get tickets for leaving their cars where snow plows can’t get through. In winter, we hear all the time about parking bans during snowstorms. 

But, for 2022, records from the city clerk of courts office show only a fraction of the parking tickets in Cleveland tied to snow bans.

You might get towed and also get a ticket parking where you shouldn’t. And, if you don’t pay multiple parking tickets, Cleveland could put a block on your registration.

But, the I-Team recently found the clerk’s office has not collected more than $40 million in parking fines over 20 years. The attorney general just put a stop to a new collection program because of how it was being carried out.

Meanwhile, Bowden is fighting his tickets and fighting for some breaks in court for delivery drivers.

“Last time I went there, they said I owed them like $300. I said, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I’m not paying all of them tickets,” he said.

We also checked on parking tickets in the City of Akron. The top reason for tickets there is also expired meters, followed by ignoring signs saying, ‘no parking.’