CLEVELAND (WJW) – This week the FOX 8 I-Team captured snowplows pushing water that had flooded the Shoreway.

That’s even though the state just spent big bucks cleaning drains because of so much high water there before.

Since more than 100-thousand drivers a day pass through there, we investigated.

Wednesday, an I-Team photographer dodged a wall of water on the side of I-90 at the Cleveland-Bratenahl border.

State Department of Transportation snowplows pushed water and debris off of the Shoreway.

But it happened after the State just spent $600,000 having a contractor deep cleaning drains due to chronic flooding in that same section of highway.

Last summer, we saw crashes tied to high water there.

And, this week, Michael Schoonover said the high water caused him to crash.

He said, “Big splash on my windshield. Everything went white. It was terrifying to me. It could kill somebody. And, I was lucky that I didn’t kill somebody.”
We asked ODOT what was the problem leading to the high water this time.

ODOT spokesperson Brent Kovacs said, “We got an extended period of moderate to heavy rain, and that caused many issues.”
Kovacs said, heavy rain caused highway flooding in many places, and on the Shoreway, leaves blocked drains.

But, we pointed out, a contractor had just finished cleaning the drains in November.
So, we asked what taxpayers got for their money with a company hired to address the problem while the problem returned just weeks later.
Brent Kovacs said, “And, they cleaned out all the drainage structures that run from either side of I-90 and under I-90. There were numerous blockages from various roadway debris, litter, trash.”
Again though, despite that work, ODOT says rain and leaves, once more, caused a mess.
So, what now?

ODOT is analyzing video from the drains cleaned out by the contractor. Figuring out if more work needs to be done there.

Meantime, statewide, ODOT is studying different kinds of drain covers. Seeing which are best at letting water in and keeping everything else out.
After crashing, Michael Schoonover says, do whatever it takes to stop this.
He said, “They need to get it fixed. If they have to shut it (the Shoreway) down for a week, two weeks, three weeks to get it fixed in that area, that’s what they need to do.”

The I-Team will follow up with what ODOT decides after taking a hard look at what else might have to be done there.