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MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered the story behind cars speeding on a runway at Medina Municipal Airport. Police video reveals what led to it even with planes landing.

Now, the city has fired a private company running airport operations.

Video posted last month on social media showed fast cars roaring down the runway.

A Medina Police investigation has found it wasn’t a race. Instead, it was a photo shoot with two supercars.

A 17-year-old airport worker organized it and told police he had gotten permission.

“I talked to my boss. Talked to my co-workers,” he said.

He said a manager with Flight Services of Medina gave him the OK. However, last week, the I-Team questioned that manager, Eric Olson.

When we asked if he was familiar with the cars on the runway incident, he said, “Um, just, just what I’ve heard.”

When we asked about shutting down the airport for something like that, he said, “Well, that would be something if we had been asked permission, normally we would do.”

Police video shows an officer asked Olson, “Did you have any prior knowledge of this?” 

He told the officer, “Of course not.”

So, how did the cars get out on the runway?

A Police report shows the teen got a security key from another worker. The teen also told police that while the cars were out there, two planes flew in and so did a medical helicopter. They were all on the same runway.

The teen told police the cars moved off the runway when aircraft came in and the group out with the photo shoot had portable radios to communicate with pilots coming in to Medina.

However, there is no control tower at Medina. So, the I-Team is told an airport like that would not have a lot of radio traffic from pilots.

Pilots have spoken out to the I-Team about the danger of cars on the runway.

The city of Medina has fired Flight Services of Medina. A letter to the company says to get out in 90 days. Olson is not allowed back on the property.

Olson did not return a message the I-Team left about the action taken by the city.

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration has been investigating, and the FAA is not finished, so there still could be more fallout.

On the police video, an officer says to the teen organizer of the photo shoot, “That looks like a drag race to anybody.”

The teen answers, “It wasn’t a race. We wanted the cars at high-speed side-by-side.”

The city is also trying to determine if it will hire a new company to run airport operations. Otherwise, the city may have its own employees take over.