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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found more packs of dirt bikes taking over your streets, so we checked back on a promise that you would see Cleveland police cracking down.

Last weekend, security video obtained by the I-Team showed dozens of dirt bike riders traveling on the west side in a long line.

We didn’t see anyone stopping them, so we asked what’s changed?

A 911 caller reported, “Yeah, I just saw about 25 or 30 dirt bikes going down Lorain Road heading westbound.”

There were so many dirt bikes and ATV’s that witnesses couldn’t count them all.

Security video we reviewed showed 50 riders in one pack alone.

In the clips, we saw no police. Dispatch recordings didn’t mention trying to stop anyone on those bikes. Yet, they are illegal on city streets.

One dispatcher can be heard saying, “This is an informational broadcast for all First District units. Be advised, we have dirt bikes in the area.”

Aan officer says over the radio, “Yeah, I don’t know if you guys have it. Probably a hundred dirt bikes on Lorain going west from 117.”

So, we looked back at what we heard Mayor Justin Bibb say about dirt bikes last October when he was campaigning for mayor.

At that time, he said, “First and foremost, we have to enforce the laws that are on the books. That’s critical.’

Now that dirt bikes are hitting the streets again and the new mayor has been in office a few months, we wanted to come to city hall and ask about that talk of getting tough on the dirt bikes.

A spokesperson sent an email saying the mayor was not available. She did not indicate any new policy for cracking down.

We’ve shown you in the past that Cleveland patrol officers, generally, are not allowed to try to stop these riders, even with guns.

For this story, the mayor’s office also wrote, “The Cleveland Division of Police continues to develop strategies to stop this activity.”

But, a union leader tells us no new orders have come out yet.

Many of you have told us you’re tired of being terrorized. So far this spring, however, we see no sign anything has changed.

Cleveland Police did say there was “enforcement” last weekend by the Traffic Unit, but a special Cleveland police unit targeting dirt bikes was not out. A spokesperson did not have the number of riders cited or arrested, if, in fact, any did get stopped by police.

The mayor’s office also wrote, “Citizens with information regarding the planning of illegal riding or related activity are asked to call the Division of Police non-emergency tip line at (216) 621-1234.”