CLEVELAND (WJW) – The NFL’s hearing for Deshaun Watson has ended and while it’s still not known if he will face discipline, paperwork has been filed in court to officially dismiss 20 of 24 civil lawsuits filed against the Cleveland Browns quarterback.

Notices from 20 of the 24 women, who filed suit against Watson claiming sexual misconduct during massage sessions, were filed in Harris County District Court Wednesday.

The confidential settlements were reached last week. The notices all state the 20 women “dismiss all” claims.

Included in the 20 that settled are the two women that filed cases just a few weeks ago and another woman who Watson’s attorneys say demanded money before filing a lawsuit.

The four that didn’t file include Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley. Both women have been vocal about the case.

Baxley’s counselor was deposed as part of the case. The FOX 8 I-Team obtained her video deposition.

During the deposition, Watson’s attorney asked the counselor if she was aware that Baxley communicated with Watson several times after the first massage where she alleges sexual misconduct.

“Did you know Ms. Baxley responded to Mr. Watson 19 times after the day of the massage with him?” the attorney asked. “Over text message. She communicated with him 19 times.”

The counselor, Mary Magdalene Smith, testified she was not aware that Baxley continued to communicate with Watson.

“Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like trauma,” Smith said. “If she’s able to talk to him and is willing to do another massage.”

Baxley and Solis, along with eight of the other accusers, filed criminal complaints against Watson. Houston police investigated those complaints. The lead detective in the case stated in a recent deposition that she felt Watson committed 10 sexual crimes. Two grand juries in Texas, however, declined to indict Watson on any criminal charges.

Watson has denied all of the allegations.

The NFL disciplinary hearing for Watson wrapped up Thursday evening.

The hearing was being held in front of a disciplinary officer, jointly appointed by the NFL and the NFL players union. The hearing officer is expected to decide if Watson violated the league’s personal conduct policy and if he should face discipline.

Sources have said the NFL is pushing for Watson to be suspended for at least a year, while Watson’s attorneys believe he should not be disciplined. The decision will be up to a former federal judge who is the hearing officer. It’s not known when a decision may be made.