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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered an investigation into what happened when a Cleveland ambulance hit a woman crossing the street.

And, it happened at the same intersection where a truck driver hit and killed a Cleveland school teacher as she walked.

Both crashes happened at East 21st and Chester in Cleveland.

Police video released to the I-Team from the EMS crash shows an officer questioning the ambulance driver.

She said, “I was turning left at this light. I had the arrow. It was turning yellow. Probably about to turn red. When I turned, she like stepped off the curb at the same time, and I ran her foot over.”

Meantime, police interviewed the victim at the hospital.

She said, “And, when I immediately started walking, I just kept looking down the road.”

I didn’t see the car which came. It was orange lights on it. So, they came pretty fast. Take a turn. Immediately, after I started walking, they came and hit me.”

A report reveals the woman who’d been walking told police the crosswalk signal had changed to show it was OK for pedestrians to go forward.

In the end, the ambulance driver and the woman on the street each claimed to have the right of way.

Turns out, that happened just days before a Cleveland school teacher got hit and killed crossing the street at the same intersection.

A truck making a turn hit Danielle Chronister.

That driver is now facing charges. Lawrence Kochock has been charged with vehicular manslaughter.

However, that is a misdemeanor and not a more serious felony charge. Court records show he is fighting the case.

Back to the EMS crash, we’ve learned the ambulance had a patient on board but was not rolling with lights flashing or a siren blaring.

Now, EMS has an internal investigation underway.

And, Cleveland Police are still investigating to decide whether or not there should be any criminal charges.