CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the Fox 8 I-Team shows more stolen car chaos and this time, it ended up outside the door of a Cleveland Police station.

Police body camera video shows a stolen car that had been left crashed into a patrol car, and it happened right outside Fifth District headquarters.

In the video you see officers scrambling to check out a crash in their own parking lot. They find a stolen car had slammed into a police cruiser. But, they find no one around.

We’ve shown you for a long time so much crime revolves around stolen cars. Carjackings, thieves stealing cars to use in other crimes, and now, this.

In the video, you hear one officer say, “I was coming out. I looked over,  like, ‘What?’” Another says, “No, they were gone before anyone saw anything.”

You also hear an officer ask, “What kind of car did they get in? Do you know which way it went?”

Adding to the mystery, we also requested any video from any outdoor cameras at the police station. The city has not released any.

Weeks ago, we revealed no cameras outside a west side Cleveland Police building. A Councilman said he had been told the Fifth District building also did not have any exterior security cameras.