CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows Cleveland police busting a suspected serial burglar downtown, but we found arrest after arrest may not keep him off the streets.

Police say Brian Bodenschatz has made a habit of breaking into vehicles and stealing valuables. Reports from cases with Bodenschatz investigated show the victims include people living downtown, local people visiting downtown and people from out of state visiting Cleveland.

Court records show Bodenschatz just plead guilty to felony charges in four cases.

We’ve learned he’s under investigation for more.

Police video shows officers know him on a first-name basis.

In one clip, an officer says, “We got him, right here.” 

Then, he orders, “Get up!”

Bodenschatz answers with, “I have nothing on me. I didn’t do anything at all.”

In another clip, a citizen helped detain Bodenschatz and an officer talked to a victim, asking, “OK. He was actually, physically, in the vehicle?”

A woman answers, “He was in the vehicle. I just came back to get the groceries.” 

As they talk, you can see broken glass in the car where the window was smashed out.

Another clip shows an officer speaking to Bodenschatz on the floor, saying, “Roll over. You’re going to jail again for another felony.”

In January, police put out an alert to find Bodenschatz, so we took a closer look at his cases.

Investigators say he’s even suspected of carrying out break-ins while he was on house arrest.

Court records note, “GPS monitoring determined defendant was traveling through downtown Cleveland and was captured in an apartment building with drug tools on his person.”

Another video clip shows police checking out security video from inside a downtown building.

Court records show, last month, Bodenschatz plead guilty to felony charges in connection with four cases.

But, a judge granted him what’s called intervention in lieu of conviction. That means he’s ordered to get drug treatment. If he stays out of trouble for a year, those cases get sealed.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors objected to that.

We have reached out to the court for comment from the judge handling the cases.

The crimes cost folks like you a lot of money and inconvenience.

Again, it’s a suspect police know on a first-name basis. One clip shows officers approaching him saying, “What’s up, Brian? Come on, roll over.”