CLEVELAND (WJW) — New police video released to the FOX 8 I-Team takes you inside the investigation into the carjacking and murder of Cleveland Police Officer Shane Bartek.

The city just released police body camera video, police chopper video, reports and 9-1-1 calls after an I-Team records request.

You see tense moments during the arrest of the suspected killer and you also see a Cleveland police helicopter tracking the officer’s car for miles.

Police arrested 18-year-old Tamara McLoyd for the carjacking and killing and you see officers pull her out of a vehicle with their guns drawn.

An officer shouts out “Cuff her. Cuff her. Cuff her.”

Another tells her, “Settle down. Settle down.” And, you hear McLoyd say, “I’m settled, please…”

That arrest came after police in the eastern suburbs had spotted the car stolen from the officer.

Police chopper video shows officers watching from the air as the driver sped through town after town.
You hear the chopper call out locations and what the driver is doing.

Then, Richmond Heights Police chased the car until it crashed. Officers arrested the driver for receiving stolen property.

It all began New Year’s Eve when officer Shane Bartek was attacked off-duty outside some apartments on Rocky River Drive.

That night, the first 9-1-1 caller only reported a man down. First-responders then found Officer Bartek between cars in a parking lot.

Now, a call just released shows a man had heard gunshots, but he didn’t call 9-1-1 until a half-hour later.

The I-Team contacted him and asked him why he waited.

He told us he had been out walking his dog and didn’t have a phone with him.

On the call you hear him say, “About a half hour ago I heard it. I was walking my dog. I did see the driver drive away.”

Anthony Butler, Jr. has been indicted for having the officer’s car.

Tamara McLoyd has been indicted for the carjacking and shooting.

At one point, during the struggle with officers, you hear McLoyd say, “You can put me on the ground officers.”

But, an officer simply begins reading her rights to her.

And, at the end he says, “You understand your rights? I suggest you use them.”

McLoyd answers with, “Yes, sir.”

The video also reveals officers announcing they found a gun during the arrest of the murder suspect.

Since then, investigators have announced they have the murder weapon and a confession.