CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team captured exclusive video Monday of local emergency crews preparing for a gunman in a school.

We watched police, firefighters and paramedics from Brecksville and Broadview Heights. They went through a full-scale active shooter drill complete with actors playing victims and suspects.

This comes with a national spotlight on response to an active shooter after a deadly rampage in a school in Uvalde, Texas. The response from emergency crews there was bogged down in delays and confusion.

Here, the officers and rescue crews went through a drill at the brand new Brecksville-Broadview Hts. Elementary School. Intense training to help these first-responders find out what they would do on a call for an active shooter.

The scenario included a report of a gunman roaming through hallways and classrooms, an officer down outside the building and more. We saw police rush into the building without waiting for a SWAT team. We saw paramedics put on helmets and protective gear to go in and look for victims.

In recent weeks, I-Team investigations have taken a hard look at whether local first responders have trained for an active shooter.

We found some police and school districts doing much more than others.

In fact, Cleveland police sent us records showing no training at any schools in recent years. Cleveland police say they are now in the process of arranging training at a school.

Brecksville and Broadview Heights first responders do regular training at schools and city buildings.

Brecksville Police Chief Stan Korinek said, “And, see how the training goes. If we can improve it in any way. Something that can be improved. Something that works, then we can do it that way.”

Training went on in the new elementary building even before the first student has walked the halls. Work crews are still putting the finishing touches on the building. Yet, emergency crews are already getting familiar with the building and getting ready for the kind of call they hope never comes.

“We identify things that we saw that were good and things we can improve on. And, as we do more and more of these,  (we see) tactics that we can change,” Brecksville Fire Chief Nick Zamiska said

Monday, the training went on twice in order to get more officers and paramedics involved. The police and fire departments coordinated the training with help from MetroHealth Medical Center.