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BRUNSWICK, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a Brunswick City School bus barreling down the road day after day.

Now, the Brunswick School District is investigating.

A parent turned to the I-Team with concerns about a bus driver speeding. The parent recorded video, and then so did we.

We took that video to school district headquarters.

Last week, a parent captured cell phone video of Brunswick bus 51 going really fast in a 25-mile-per-hour zone. Even as the driver stopped to drop off kids.

“I just noticed the bus going unusually fast for a school bus. I just wanted to capture it so other people could see my concern for the safety of the students on this bus,” she said.

Two days later, the I-Team followed bus 51, trying to keep pace with it. Our photographer noted at one point, “We’re in a 35-mile-an-hour zone, and we’re doing 45 miles an hour.”

The day after that, our photographer, again, had trouble keeping pace with Bus 51. He noted, at one point, “Over 50 miles an hour in a 45…at 55…over 55.”

We showed some clips to Brunswick City Schools Superintendent Jason Niedermeyer.

“Obviously, safety is our number one priority,” he said. “And, thanks to FOX 8 for bringing this information our way.”

The district immediately started investigating.

“To determine whether that driver was speeding,” Niedermeyer said. “In the event we find that is the case, we will put a corrective action in place to make sure, again, that we are keeping our students safe on a bus.”

The district now has someone looking back to find out how fast that bus was going wherever it went. Every Brunswick bus runs with a GPS tracking system that documents speed and location. The District can look back weeks.

We also showed some of the video to Brunswick police.

“It just seemed like he accelerated really quick from dropping the kids off,” said Sgt. Michael Matheis.

“I would just tell the boss down there to make sure all their drivers stay within the speed limits and come to a complete stop especially when they have kids on the bus,” said Matheis.

That mom says she’s not asking for much more than safety first.

“Follow the laws and the speed limits,” she said. “This needs to be fixed and corrected.”

Brunswick police say already this school year, they have handled a few bus accidents, but none involving speed.

The school district, like many, is very short on bus drivers. So, the district will look at whether the driver, in this case, may have been hurrying to cover more than one bus route. While that may have been a factor, the superintendent does not consider that an excuse for speeding.

We’ll update this story once the investigation is finished.