PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows Parma police chasing down and arresting a former suburban mayor.

As seen on the video, she made a point of telling police that she’s the former mayor of North Royalton.

Cathy Luks now faces a series of charges with the case also going to a grand jury.

Parma Police video shows an officer tried to pull over Luks for speeding last week and she stopped in the middle of the road.

“Let’s go ahead and pull in this parking lot. That sound good?” the officer said.

“No,” Luks answered.

“What’s that?” the officer asked.

“Why?” Luks answered.

“I got you going 43 in a 25,” the officer told her.

Yet, the traffic stop turned into a chase. The officer told Luks to put the car in “park,” but she rolled up her window and drove off.

Police say she finally jumped a curb and hit a tow truck in a parking lot.

As the officer took Luks to a police cruiser, she told him, “what you’re doing is wrong,” and,
“let me tell you how it works.”

“No, let me tell you,” The officer interrupted her.

The video shows the officer got more attitude than cooperation. He soon found out he was arresting the woman who had served as mayor of North Royalton from 1999 to 2007.

At one point, she said, “You know what? I was the mayor of the City of North Royalton.”

Records show Luks has been hit with charges in Parma court for driving while intoxicated, having an open container of alcohol in the car and more.

Since police charged her with running from them, the case will end up in Cuyahoga County Court going to a grand jury as a felony case.

We went to see the former mayor about her arrest, but as soon as she came to the door and we identified ourselves with FOX 8, she closed the door.

Back at the scene, the video shows Luks had much more to say, including, “I have been so (bleep) used by men.”

Now, she’ll have to explain to a judge what happened in broad daylight on a busy road. We will update this story as it moves through county court.