CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a baggage belt went down at Hopkins Airport, and suddenly, firefighters had to move luggage.

Airport firefighters called into action for a different kind of emergency. We’re told many other workers had to jump in, too.

Pictures obtained by the I-Team show firefighters moving baggage instead of carrying hoses.

This happened a week ago when a baggage belt stopped working. That belt carries luggage from ticketing and through security.

The mechanical failure did cause some flight delays.

The airport says, in addition to the firefighters, other workers there also had to leave their regular duties.

We caught up with a Cleveland city councilman looking beyond this problem.

“It’s hard to believe Hopkins is 98 years old. The airport was not built for this level of traffic it receives. And, it underscores the importance of needing to rebuild our airport. Not just the things that you see or the terminals you walk through,” Charles Slife said.

City leaders have started working on a master plan for a complete overhaul of Hopkins.

However, that is expected to take years to complete and depends on how much the airlines are willing to pay to cover the cost.