MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a driver going the wrong way into traffic on a local highway until even state troopers go the wrong way to stop him.

Video captured by the Ohio State Highway Patrol shows the chilling moments.

It happened last Sunday morning on I-271 in Medina County. A trooper tried to stop the car for speeding, but the driver made a U-turn in front of a patrol car, hit a guardrail and began going the wrong way.

“He just crashed. Oh, going the wrong way, going the wrong way,” the trooper said.

Troopers scrambled, but when they got behind the car, it cut back to the highway to go the wrong way again. Just off the freeway, that car made another U-turn.

Back on the interstate, a state patrol supervisor tracked the driver going the wrong way on the opposite side of the highway.

You hear the trooper say, “Let them know we’re coming. We need to shut this down now. I’m going to cross over and I’m going to try to make intentional contact.”

That supervisor made a bold move, going the wrong way himself to chase down that driver before a head-on crash.

Yet, just as the supervisor catches up, that driver slams on the brakes. It happens with more traffic coming right at them, including an 18-wheeler.

The driver then pulled off the highway and took off running.

Finally, Medina County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled out a drone and helped find the driver hiding in tall brush.

As investigators identified that driver, they found he’s a guy from St. Louis. So, they wondered what you may be wondering. What would make someone go through all that just to get out of a speeding ticket?

In fact, officers asked at the scene.

“Makes it a whole lot easier to stop. Was it worth it?” they said.

The suspect didn’t answer, but he also didn’t get away. Somehow, nobody got hurt.

The driver now faces a felony charge. Investigators also found a backpack that might have some clues to help explain the highway chaos.