CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing the moment you never see with a wrong-way driver.

Cleveland police body camera video shows officers stopping the car and confronting the driver. And, you hear officers ask what you would ask.

Last month, a wrong-way driver barreled down the Shoreway. Highway cameras captured the driver going on the wrong side of the highway for about 10 miles.

The police video puts you in the car with officers trying to stop that driver as he rolled onto the Innerbelt  Bridge.

An officer tells dispatch, “We see that vehicle westbound in the eastbound lanes.”

Sirens can be heard, and horns, too. And, as the officers drive head-on toward the wrong-way car, that car then slows to a stop.

Officers can be heard saying, “Stopped in the middle of the highway.” And, “I’m in front of it.”

As officers walk up to the car, they ask the driver the questions every one of us has for anyone going the wrong way on the highway.

First, an officer asks, “What are you doing? Going home? Wrong way on the highway?” His partner then asks, “Where are you headed?”

The driver answers, “Home.”

So, the officer follows up with, “Where’s home at?” The driver answers, “East Cleveland.”

The driver mentions East Cleveland, but he’d been going away from there on the wrong side of the highway. The officer, then, asks, “Where you coming from?” And, the driver answers, “Bachelor party.”

Police arrested Jerome Fuller saying he’d been driving the wrong way while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In this case, records show Jerome Fuller is pleading not guilty. The case is still moving through court.

The I-Team also checked Fuller’s driving record. It shows he was convicted several years ago for impaired driving and for driving with no license.

We left a message for Fuller seeking comment, and we did not hear back.

Investigators have said a lot of wrong-way drivers are drunk or high. The new video puts you in the car with officers going bumper-to-bumper and face-to-face to stop a wrong-way driver.