CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing how Cleveland investigators kept asking questions until they got a killer’s confession.

Police built their case with evidence gathered by regular citizens. The interrogation shows a part of solving a murder mystery you never see.

The I-Team obtained video of police questioning Osby Scott.

He’d been arrested for a murder that happened in 2019 near West 49th and Storer Avenue. Police suspected he shot and killed a man and shot and wounded a woman when he went to collect a debt. Cleveland homicide detectives Michael Legg and Steve Loomis gave Scott a chance to come clean before they revealed the clues captured on security cameras from storefronts and porches.

Scott first tells the detectives, “I didn’t do nothing to nobody.”

One investigator says, “I just want to know the truth.”

And, Scott responds with, “The truth is I didn’t shoot nobody.”

Scott says, “Something went on with that house on the west side. I’m thinking the guy … OD’d or something. Then, I called around … somebody said somebody got shot.”

But, the homicide detectives pressed, saying, “We have a substantial amount of video from that street.”

And, “Right now, I’m looking at you square in the eye. And, I’m telling you, you knew what was going to go on down there. You knew you were not gonna park in front of that house because you knew what was gonna go down in that house.”

Homicide detectives gathered video of Scott parking one street over from the crime scene.

Then, they found video from camera after camera capturing him walking all the way around the block to the apartment where he wanted to collect a debt.

Photo courtesy Cleveland police footage

They even had video of Scott going back to his vehicle to leave and a dog yaps at him passing by with the dog’s owner saying, “Buffy, come here, Buffy. Sorry about that. I didn’t see you walking by.”

Detectives, ultimately, narrow in on Scott saying, “We got you going to the house!” And, “The truth is that you got chased by the dog.”

Still, Scott maintains, “You don’t got no video of me shooting nobody. I ain’t did nothing to nobody.’

The investigators then reveal they have more than the neighborhood video. They say they pulled Scott’s DNA from a door handle at the home. And they had a witness. They say the  woman who’d survived the shooting told police that Osby Scott was to blame.

Scott finally gives in, saying, “It wasn’t premeditated.”

Investigators respond with, “Tell us what happened.”

Scott answers, “For real, man?”

Then he explained, “I didn’t have a gun. Carl had the gun. We’re in the front room, we’re like this (motions hands as if  struggling). That happened so quick, man. All I know is she opened up the door … and pow, pow! I see Carl be like ‘this’ and I’m like (expletive) … and then I see her ,like … ’You shot me.’ I’m like, man, this is crazy.”

Later, Scott could be heard on a jailhouse phone call talking about all of the evidence against him.

He told a man on the phone, “Everything they said they got on video, I did, you know…”

Cuyahoga County prosecutors put it all together to convict Scott. A judge sent him to prison for 31 years.

At the end of the interrogation, Scott admitted that telling what happened was a weight off his shoulders. Yet, it came with a price to pay. He mentioned, “The thing is, man, I’m so relieved this — is over with, man.” But, he also said, “My life is over with.”

Since the trial, Scott filed an appeal arguing he was convicted of premeditated murder, and he should not have been, so he wants those charges thrown out. And, he wants a new sentence.

We’ll watch for a ruling from the Court of Appeals.