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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained video showing how a stand-off broke out inside a local juvenile detention center with a teen inmate holding a worker hostage.

What happened in that incident is just the latest violence caught on camera in the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.

In this case, the video first shows a 17-year-old climbing on a desk in an office area.

In the video, detention officers get him down, but he then goes into an office where a woman is working. The teen holds the woman hostage, and you can see detention officers standing outside the door helpless.

More and more officers gather and try to get in, and the woman can’t get out.

An incident report shows that the teen “locked and pushed on the door, refusing to let the female out.” That went on for 25 minutes.

Officers finally broke in using a crowbar, but even then, the video shows an army of officers using all their might to push their way inside.

The woman then escapes and the teen is led away minutes later.

“This union has fought for more training and more tools to help arm the officers to better handle these jobs and circumstances,” said Colin Sikon, union leader with Local 860.

This comes to light after we recently showed you a violent encounter with another teen inmate.

A detention center manager recently got fired for having handcuffs wrapped around his hand like brass knuckles while throwing punches at the teen.

That inmate’s mother reacted.

“I’m glad some action was taken, and it wasn’t swept under the rug. Some areas in the juvenile system still need to be addressed,” she said.

Not long before that, teen inmates went on a rampage there, causing more than $20,000 in damage.

The case with the hostage situation happened last month. Just this week, the teen plead guilty to charges including kidnapping.

Sikon says the detention center has become a more dangerous place with more violent teens, chronic short-staffing of guards and not nearly enough detention officers.

Now, even a worker was held hostage.

“I mean,  its not good in there,” Sikon said.

The I-Team has asked the court to explain how a teen pleads guilty to kidnapping and then goes home.

We’ve learned he’d been brought into the detention center on burglary charges, and then he got into more trouble while locked up even before the kidnapping.