CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows how Cleveland Police caught an accused killer because of tinted windows.

A traffic stop ended a manhunt and we found this happens more than you might think.

Police say they discovered the dark secret behind dark windows earlier this month. An officer pulled over an SUV on the west side.

The police body camera video shows an officer tells the driver, “The reason I pulled you over is the front window tinting.”

The driver responds with, “I need to pull it off. I need to pull it off. When I bought the car, it was there.”

When the officer ran a check on the driver, that showed Travelle Chappell wanted for murder.

The officer, then, walks back to the car and said, “How are you doing? Go ahead and step out the vehicle.”

The driver asks, “Did I do something?”

The officer answers, “You got a warrant, my man.”

The driver then responds with, “A warrant? For what?”

Then, the officer tells him, “Homicide… For right now, I’m detaining you. Going to figure out what’s going on.”

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors say Trevelle Chappelle and another guy shot and killed a man. It happened New Years Day at East 149th and Kinsman in Cleveland. Prosecutors say the suspects shot a man while he was on the ground. Investigators say the suspects took off.

Cleveland police finally found Chappell four months later after he got stopped for tinted windows.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol makes about 700,000 traffic stops a year. So, we asked how often something like this happens.

“Every day, we’re encountering things that are really not what they initially appear to be,” Sgt. Ray Santiago said. “There is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. A traffic stop is an opportunity to not just solve a crime, but make a difference in somebody’s life.”

In this case, Cleveland police made sure that driver they’d stopped was the man wanted for murder.

Since then, Chappelle and a second suspect have been indicted for murder and gun charges. Chappell is pleading not guilty.