CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows suspected car thieves going wild on the Shoreway.

Smashing into other drivers. Running through traffic. Even, simply, dumping their rides and taking off. Stolen cars have become part of a raging crime wave.

But, this video captured what we haven’t seen before: havoc on the highway.

It happened Sunday morning just after midnight on the Shoreway in Cleveland near East 55th Street. Ohio Department of Transportation cameras recorded the action.

In one clip, you see a vehicle coming toward you, and the driver barrels across three lanes of traffic. He then slams into a car, rolls into the path of another, and spins out of control. The vehicle, then, slams into the median wall.

Moments later, the video shows people running from that vehicle through traffic to get across the highway.

“It was very scary,” a witness said. “Didn’t know what was happening. We saw people driving really erratically. Looked like they were driving in and out of lanes. And, then, we saw a dark SUV, like, spin out.”

Photo courtesy Cleveland police video

Police radio traffic shows an officer call out: “There were some people running up the exit ramp on East 55. Younger males wearing dark clothing.”

And, a victim of the crash called 911 saying, “I need ‘ambulance.’ I’m on 55th. Oh, my God, my car…”

All of that happened minutes after an incident on the other side of the highway.

Video shows a car pull over. Then, people jump out and run off. They hop a fence to disappear.

The I-Team has found both incidents involved stolen cars.

These days, so many car thieves are ripping off innocent people, and here, we see them terrorizing other drivers.

The number of stolen cars has exploded nationwide and in Northeast Ohio. A report shows that last year in Cleveland, car theft went up more than a third. It’s been skyrocketing in the suburbs, too. Thieves often use stolen cars to go joy riding, or to go commit more crimes.

We’ve shown you, stolen cars have been used to go the wrong way on the freeway. We’ve seen cars stolen in carjackings, and more. Now, suspected thieves creating more chaos on the highway.

That witness we spoke to added, “It was absolutely, ridiculous. It’s really out of control. Ridiculous.”

During the latest incidents, at one point, a driver also went the wrong-way on the Shoreway. It’s not clear if that driver was connected to the others involved. No one has been arrested for this weekend’s cases.